The award-winning Powerhouse PR was founded by Ann Power in 2009. Powerhouse PR is a full-service public relations and digital agency.

We work with a portfolio of national and international brands. We work across a range of sectors and are renowned for our creative thought process and delivering results that matter to our clients.

Creativity is core to all of our work. We immerse ourselves in your brand to create a robust communications strategy to help drive success and grow your brand through the delivery of meaningful results for you our client partner. We will create a tailored package that takes into account the nature of your business, the audience that you want to target and the means of reaching that group is the secret to success. All the while working together in an honest and open manner developing a client relationship that forges trust and understanding.

Regardless of the platform central to all compelling communications is sharing your story. Creativity is the backbone of PR. After all, there’s no point in having a great business if it never gets noticed. The way that you promote your brand is pivotal to the way that it is received by the public and will have a major impact on its performance, therefore strong ideas and creative thinking are key.

Powerhouse PR has a complete client focus ethos; we are experts in developing your brand story and preparing and conducting offline and online communications campaigns, getting press coverage, delivering real results through integrated campaigns and being your number one brand ambassador.